100% Tipico Italiano is pleased to present the new Le Selezioni brand.

The Selezioni was founded with the aim of choosing and gathering the best regional agricultural producers to bring them to the best tables.

So only the best of local production, characterized by unmissable flavors and aromas and centuries-old traditions, for a niche gourmet product and addressed to the best palates.

In our groupage you will find from the dairy companies, to the Gragnano pasta factories famous for their pasta, rigorously of semolina and drawn to bronze, up to excellent wines and liqueurs of the divine coast.

Good tasting …

The selections:


Mozzarella di Bufala Campana d.o.p. is a table cheese pasta spun derived from whole buffalo milk; the specification contained in DPR 28/09/1979 provides for the production of buffalo mozzarella, the exclusive use of buffalo milk. It ‘a product that once was hand chopped off by a curd. The quality mozzarella is consistent, holds and releases milk, is pearly white, porcelain color with smooth and shiny surface, the flavor is intense, herbaceous.

Appearance of the paste: cutting it with a knife with a smooth blade observe the compactness or light any untying, due to the spinning technique. Shear and allow to drain un’pò of serous whitish, the aroma of lactic ferments. Also it is good to see if the outer skin has a net detachment..
It should be remembered that the Mozzarella di Bufala Campana is a food with a “lifetime” limited and owns smells, flavors and aromatic substances in constant evolution, which is difficult to describe.
The fact remains that its taste is unmistakable.

A bit of history….
The term “mozzarella” is quite old and seems to meet for the first time mentioned in a cookbook published in 1570 by a certain Scappi, chef of the papal court;
that product, derived from milk, was then stored in bundles of grass or tea towels. By the time you created a specification and a range of products more and more complete and varied.